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We're passionate about helping everyday dentists transition from providers to successful business owners. Our Power Program is designed to provide you with the strategic support and business education you need, without having to sell equity in your practice.

Your Practice. Your Way.

The dental industry has seen a shift with the rise of Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) and the involvement of private equity. We believe that dentists should have an option where they can receive equivalent support without the sale of equity. That's why we've developed our unique Power Program, offering a structured approach to help you grow "Your Practice. Your Way."

A Treatment Plan for Your Business

Bridging the Gap between Providership and Ownership in a 12-Month Program


We begin by thoroughly understanding your vision and goals for your practice. This includes a comprehensive review of your clinic's current situation and performance.


This 12-month online program is designed to help owner dentists bridge the gap between practicing dentistry and operating a profitable dental practice.

Owner Dentists will learn, develop, and have support implementing:

  • mission, purpose, core values

  • five year strategic plan with selection of key success indicators

  • annual and quarterly planning

  • staffing models, performance reviews and development

  • conscious spending plan

  • patient acquisition & retention strategy

This program is for new and established practice owners who want to:

  • learn modern practice management techniques

  • increase engagement with their teams

  • have above average practice performance

  • improve their practice valuation

  • enhance patient outcomes

  • have remote leadership capabilities

  • lead the change in their business


We would love the opportunity to learn more about your clinic and your goals

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